20 Ways To September Bucket List

Photo by Marta Wave

Sweater, rain, fireplace, armchair and hot chocolate; we are starting to feel the September air floating around us. Someone will be sad for the end of the summer, while others waited for nothing else.

There is no doubt that summer is a time of joy and relax for many people, as most of them go on vacation, but I have to admit that I’m one of those human beings who fits perfectly into the “Autumn Lovers” category, and I waited for this for a long time. September symbolizes new beginnings, routine and new habits, but also slowing down.

Resuming your rhythms may seem tiring at first, but you’ll get used to it quickly if you’ll let yourself go to the flow of the coming season. Everyone should enjoy this new beginning as lightly as possible, so I prepared a list that I hope you’ll appreciate!

September Bucket List

1. Take walks at dawn;

2. Go to a farmhouse;

3. Collect dry leaves;

4. Prepare delicious apple pies;

5. Renew the wardrobe;

6. Read books outdoors;

7. Write how you feel;

8. Decorate your room with an autumn theme;

9. Create a mood-board of new goals;

10. Save a playlist suitable for autumn;

11. Relax indoors with blankets, books and hot chocolate;

12. Make coffee in the morning;

13. Reorganize the spaces in your house;

14. Follow a Book Challenge;

15. Listen to the sound of rain while drinking tea;

16. Buy sustainable cinnamon candles;

17. Sell or buy second-hand clothing;

18. Attend new workshops online or in your city;

19. Try new hairstyles;

20. Photograph moments of relax.

Happy September!

Author – Denise Ledda

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