A Fresh Start

Photo by Camille Brodard

Pinning thoughts and emotions on paper, that’s how I started.

As a child I didn’t understand the real meaning of writing a diary; Some of my classmates wrote about their days, thoughts and crushes, but I, even being so little, was afraid that maybe someone would read what for me was so private, and I didn’t want them to know.

Of course, at the time, I did not understand that, in doing so, I closed myself up, locking everything with an invisible key, which not even I could have found.

Twenty years later, family, friends and bizarre adventures, I exploded.

I started writing my thoughts like nothing, I don’t think I was even aware of the present;

I was so overwhelmed by life and its events, that without realizing it, the key that I used to lock my thoughts in, had crumbled in a millisecond.

That was the moment I realized I needed help telling “something to someone”.

Being an artist myself – I always had creativity and imagination that wanted to come out of me, but sadly, despite achieving some important goals, I didn’t feel satisfied at all.

The motivation to write grew even more when I realized that writing helped me not only to organize ideas and let the stress go away, but also to explore my fun side with fantasy by creating short stories.

I always approached life with enthusiasm but, lately, one of the main questions that I have been finding answers to was: “are you really happy with your life?”.

I’ve thought about it for a long time, and writing has helped me organize my thoughts and fears.

I realized that I wasn’t really happy despite everything, and, well, something was missing.

Therefore, I took the courage and left everything I’d done up to that point.

Scary? Of course! But if I hadn’t taken the initiative by myself, I would have never done it! I’m one of those people who listen to other’s advice, but then makes decisions by herself, so I knew that it was me the place where I had to start.

I crafted a new key in my head that reminds me that it’s ok to be afraid and not say anything, but at least, you can talk to yourself. Now I can proudly say that I feel free writing!

I honestly don’t know where this path will take me, but life is unpredictable, and this is a new exciting chapter in my life!

At this very moment, I discovered that the theme of my life is courage. I hope that it’ll reach someone’s heart.

This is my story, my new, fresh start!

Author – Denise Ledda

2 responses to “A Fresh Start”

  1. Awesome! I’m glad to have stumbled across your site as you embark on this new journey. You have a very good eye for web design too, and I foresee great things in both your writing and art. Wishing you all the best!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for your kindness! I was a graphic designer, that’s why I also love to design my own things!
      This is only the start, I hope you’ll check out new content coming soon! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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